10 things you need to do after you get engaged


OMG You just got engaged!!!

This is a day you’ve always dreamed of and it has just happened to you in real life! Surreal is an understatement of how you are feeling right now.

Whether it is a private dinner, a surprise with friends and family present, or just a spontaneous informal engagement you’re still amazed by your special someone for choosing you as their forever person.

Once off of cloud nine, here are the 10 things you should do after getting engaged:

1. Enjoy the moment

Please bask in the joy of being asked to spend forever with the love of your life. Social media may seem like a great place to share the big news as it is happening but, I would advise you to wait and live in the moment, take as many pictures and videos as you can so that you may share them at a later date.

2. Announce the good news

Tell your parents first; whether it’s in person, video chat, or via a phone call definitely let them know before anyone else. You can then tell your bestie, family and closest friends before you post it on your instagram and/or any other social media platforms. Formal announcements can be sent out by mail. Newspapers are also traditionally a great way to announce an engagement officially. The appropriate time to place the announcement is usually six months to one month prior to the wedding. Post your ring selfie and let the whole world know! #IsaidYes.

3. Get your ring sized 

Take your new ring to your jeweler to make sure it fits and the stone is secure. The last thing you want is for your bling to accidentally slip off your finger. 

4. Get insurance and get an appraisal from a certified gemologist

The good news is if you are a home owner or have renters insurance you may be able to add your ring to your policy! Contact your insurance agent to find out if you have coverage if your ring is stolen, damaged, or lost. Get all the terms and conditions and how long it will take to process your claim. You may also purchase separate engagement ring insurance. Here are a few we highly recommend. Zillion https://www.myzillion.com, Jewelers Mutual https://my.jewelersmutual.com and   Lavalier https://lavalier.com.

5. Have an engagement party

Traditionally the bride’s parents, a relative of their generation, or friend host an announcement/engagement party which provides an opportunity for the two families and friends to hear your good news and to meet each other. Nowadays the party has become more of a celebration rather than an announcement. You and your fiancé(e) should provide whoever is hosting the party a guest list of your closest family and friends. Remember if they are invited to this party they must also be invited to your wedding. Guests are not required or expected to bring gifts but in case they do be sure to write down who gave you gift and send thank you cards. This is the beginning of so many festivities. Enjoy!

6. Determine your budget

Before you start promising invitations to your friends, family, and co-workers you and your fiance will have to agree on how much you want to spend and if you will be getting help from your parents/families. Tradition calls for the bride’s parents to pay for the wedding. However, this tradition has changed during the years and most of our clients pay for their own weddings with contributions from their parents/families. 

7. Work on your guest list

This may seem like an easy process however, it isn’t as it usually entails a combination of your list, your fiancé’s list and possibly your parents. 

8. Pick your date

Once everyone has seen that ring and all the congrats have been said expect to hear “when is your wedding?” Please don’t let inquiring minds pressure you into picking a date in a hurry. However, when picking a date consider your favorite season, location and holidays. Once you have narrowed it down to the perfect date choose two alternate dates just in case the date is booked at your desired location.  

9. Secure a wedding planner/ designer

 You want nothing but the best vetted insured professionals. Your wedding planner will help secure the best wedding pro’s without you running around town interviewing everyone. Their experience and expertise will guide you in securing reputable vendors, budget allocation, décor, wedding etiquette, as well as day of orchestration. You should secure a planner nine to twelve months prior to you wedding day. Don’t leave your day to chance hire us ASAP😉

10. Research venues 

Now that you have secured a planner, chosen wedding date and alternate date, your planner can recommend the best venues that fit your wedding style and design.

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